Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus - A Threat to iPhone Market

It would not be wrong to say that Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge+ as well as the Apple iPhone are two of the best models that the mobile industry has seen up till now and it is no wonder that both these companies are enjoying the fruits of their hard work since introducing these models in the market. However, at the same time, this success has brought both the companies worthy rivals and both these companies are working hard to beat other at the same of producing the best model. While each of the models has its own strengths and weaknesses, yet it would not be wrong to say that Samsung's Galaxy S6 edge+ is a big threat to Apple supremacy on the market.

With its great support system and countless new features, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is way better than iPhone and a big threat to it. This is the main reason it is becoming so popular among the professional dissertation writing service and assignment writers all over the world who work for assignment and dissertation writing services.

There are numerous factors or characteristics and application which only Apple was offering to its customers and people who did not have apple iPhone had no idea what a great eye opening experience it was offering but with the introduction of Samsung's Galaxy S6 edge+ and the features that it introduced, Apple iPhone suffered a large number of customers and since Samsung has started flooding the market with its series of great models, it has become a big threat to the iPhone market. Here are some reasons why Samsung's Galaxy S6 edge+ is proving to be a threat to iPhone:

The Screen ‘Edge’: The best thing about the Galaxy S6 edge Plus which sets it apart from all other models and make it the number one choice of consumers is its "Edge screen," or curved display, which lets the user interact with the device and trigger certain functions using the sides of the screen. This is one feature that apple has not introduced in any of its phones and the “Edge lighting" options make the curve of the display light up custom colors when the phone is placed face down and users receive notifications even when they are not facing the screen. Along with this, even when the phone is in the sleep mode, the users can check out a number of options without fully activating it which is a great new feature.

Wireless Charging: Galaxy S6 edge Plus support the two major wireless charging standards: the Wireless Power Consortium's (WPC) "Qi" standard, and the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) standard which make it very easy to charge it even without the standard charging wire. On the other hand, the Apple iPhone does not support wireless charging at all and there have to be an adapter in order to charge a phone without its wire.

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Offers 32GB of Storage: Samsung's GS6 edge+ is available with two internal storage options; 32GB and 64GB which provide users a chance to store a lot of data in their phones be it official or personal whereas Apple iPhone 16GB, 64GB and 128GB memory space but the phone cost increases with this which takes it out of reach of many consumers.

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