Developing Metacognitive Skills for Assignment Writing

Developing Metacognitive Skills
Metacognition is the ability to understand and control their learning or simply thinking about thoughts. Metacognition is the difficult and complicated subject that has been researched for many years. Metacognition consists of two components that isthe regulation of cognition and knowledge of cognition. Knowledge of cognition explains the awareness of individual cognition at three levels that are procedural, conditional and declarative. Regulation of cognition is related to the fact that how the learners use to control their learning. The relevant regulatory activities consist of evaluating, monitoring and planning.

Metacognition has produced enormous important and interesting findings. According to researchers, metacognition helps to aware that learners perform better and they are more strategic than that of unaware learners. When students use regulatory metacognitive skills, then they perform better at paying attention. Moreover, they also use the strategies of learning more efficiently and effectively. The researchers also describe that metacognitive skills are not specific to the domain and metacognitive awareness is not a function of intellectual abilities but they are consistent remarkably across numerous fields.

In order to develop metacognitive skills in students, teachers should model their thought process while teaching subject matters to the students. Itwill help students to know what process you have used while thinking. You should also verbalize what you are thinking, being a teacher while expressing the ideas to the students. Teachers should also help students or challenge students to connect the new ideas with one they already know. The new information must be connected with already known information. Try to do this at the beginning of class lecture or lesson. Link the concepts with those that students already know.

Teachers should identify and determine what students are learning. There are some assignment writing service providers which provide research papers to students to help them in their learning. Before starting the lecture or taking a class, teachers should define what will be taught in the lecture, it will help students to expect what will be in the lecture. At the end of the class, teachers should ask students to briefly discuss the three to four points or write done points that they have learned in the lecture. This will help teachers what students have learned. Moreover, it will also help students to determine how much they have learned effectively.

Before assigning assignment, teachers should also explain what should learned from the assignment. Teachers should also provide the tools that will help them learn while lecture. Teachers should help students to be self-regulated by setting the framework and time required for their task to be completed. They should plan the timing of the study. Teachers should organize the data by makingsoftware available for students as well as making flowcharts, outlining etc. Moreover, teachers should also monitor the progress of the students and motivate students to reflect those on the assignments. Teachers should change the strategies according to the needs and when students are facing difficulties with their tasks. Teachers are required to encourage students to test their knowledge. Teachers should also students to organize tasks and compare information.

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