Don’t be Book Worm to Write Dissertation

Write Dissertation
Dissertation is a most important project of a student’ life because not every student go for research or that study level where dissertation is required. Masters, MS or Ph. D students are required to write dissertation because these are study levels where a student is able to write new theories give his opinion about theory by doing research, and that can be the best way to express his knowledge and to assess his capabilities and interest for professional career. But writing dissertation is not easy because it’s a lengthy document with hundreds of papers and these papers must me original and for that a student have to do a lot of research and to technical writing and requires a lot of professionalism to get ready this high degree document.

In addition, for this purpose, most of the students become bookworms or you will see these guys with a study material in their hand every time. Not only this, as time passes they can be stressed as time passes because that could be really first time to write dissertation and they don’t where to start and where they should end reading study relevant material. So, a hardworking student is always being liked by everyone but, hard work plus anxiety leads to disturb your physical and mental health, and be a healthy person is very necessary for all every human being. Because a healthy person would be able to work for long run and achieve his academic, professional and personal life goals.

So many students are becoming bookworms to complete their dissertation because they think there is no other way to do that. They forget to be social, even not go for study relevant discussions and for other personal life activities because they think these can be hurdles to complete their dissertation on time. However, we can easily understand that a person who is not sure that how to be done with his dissertation but is bookworm because most of the time it results in inestimable loss not in terms of mental but also of physical health. Because a human body and mind both requires a social circle to discuss your problems to go out for fresh air to be functional as a normal human.

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