Most Useful And Good Topics For Quantity Surveying Dissertation

The professional people in the field of the construction industry that have enough knowledge about the costs as well contracts for the construction are known as quantity surveyors. The most important services that are provided by the quantity surveyors are known as the estimation of the cost, the planning of the cost, the calculation of the risk, the asset in the capitalization, and so on. To get a degree in the quantity survey at the university level, you will have to write a dissertation. The first step to write a dissertation is to select an interesting and feasible topic. If you are not able to find out an interesting topic for the quantity surveying dissertation, then you can get help from the dissertation writing services. Here, we will provide some useful and good topic ideas to write a quantity surveying dissertation.
1) Explain the role of ethics in the quantity surveying

2) As a quantity surveyor, how is it possible for you to achieve the goals of the national development?

3) As a quantity surveyor, explain and assess the achievements of the London

4) What are renovation and restoration? Briefly explains these two terms.

5) As a quantity surveyor, how is it possible for you to develop a better environment throughout the world?

6) What are the possible procurements in the present building of the BBC?

7) Write the possible reasons for the shortage of the labour in the construction company in the UK?

8) What are the possible ways to manage the different construction projects in the UK?

9) The possible ways to avoid the adjudication process

10) Take an analysis of the construction skills in the UK and explain either these skills are stronger or weaker than the other countries.

11) What are the possible factors that can affect the marketing of the different apartments in the city centre?

12) What is an HMO Legislation and provide an analysis of its different impacts?

13) What are the possible ways to investigate the collision in the UK construction company?

14) How to increase the efficiency of the energy compliance within the different building regulations?

15) What are the SMEs and what are the possible barriers to construct the SMEs?

16) How to create the safety culture within the UK Construction Company?

17) What are the Timber Frames and compare the Timber Frames with the Masonry Construction?

18) What are the Photovoltaics? Write down some important methods to implement the PV in the UK Construction Company.

19) Take an analysis of the PV and describe the future of the PV in the UK?

20) What is an EPC and what the possible impacts of an EPC on the rental property market in the UK?

21) Take an analysis of the construction laws that are implemented in the different countries

22) Write a note on the construction company at the international level

23) After formulating a construction company, what are the possible ways to manage it?

24) Take a review of the economics that relates to the buildings

25) Write a note on the cost cycle of the construction

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