Learn To Meditate

Learn To Meditate

Meditation is not a new practice. It is an ancient practice and the scientists are still finding some interesting benefits of meditation. Here I am going to talk about the basics of meditation.

In order to reach a high level of awareness and calm, a technique is adopted to understand your mind. This technique is known as meditation. 

According to scientists, if you are doing meditation on a regular basis, you will be able to control your emotions and to enhance your concentration level. 

There are different methods to meditate to you. You should try all of them and try to get an idea about the best meditation method. 

Some essential tips to learn meditation

1) Getting comfortable before you meditate

To get comfort is one of the most important benefits of meditation. 

  • First of all, you should select a quiet and peaceful environment. It means that you should get rid of all the external distractions like turn off the TV, mobile phones and all the other noisy applications. 
  • Secondly, you should wear comfortable dress. Its reason is that if you are wearing tight and restrictive clothes, you will feel uncomfortable. You should also make sure that you have removed your shoes while meditation. 
  • Thirdly, before starting the meditation, you should also decide the duration of the meditation. Beginners should spend only five minutes a day in meditation. Anyhow, the seasoned mediators can spend 20 minutes sessions twice in a day. While meditation, you will have to sit at a place. Therefore, it is also an important thing for you to sit in a comfortable place while meditation. You should also make sure that your spine should be straightened while you are sitting for the meditation. If you want to be more focused, you should try to close your eyes while meditation.

2) Trying basic meditation practices

There are different meditation practices. In the beginning, you should consider all of them. You should start your meditation process with the help of following your breathing. 

For this reason, you should pick a spot and try to focus on that spot. While following your breathing, you should also focus on mental images for the purpose of guiding your breathing. 

Mantra meditation is also an essential technique for meditation. In the mantra meditation, you will have to repeat a sound, phrase or word over and over again. 

If you want to relive your stress, you should try to concentrate on a simple visual aspect. In order to release stress from your mind, you should do a body scan.

3) Incorporate meditation in your everyday life

If you want to get quick and better results of meditation, you will have to incorporate meditation in your everyday life. 

For this reason, you should set a schedule for meditation and try to meditate at the same time every day. 

In order to hone your meditation techniques, you should try to take a guided meditation class. 

You should also try to read some spiritual books in order to learn more about meditation. In your everyday life, you should also practice mindfulness. 

While meditating, it is also an important thing to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
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Women's World Cup 2019: Most Competent And Favourite Teams

Women's World Cup 2019: Most Competent And Favourite Teams

The eighth edition of the FIFA Women’s world cup competition is going to be held from 7th June to 7th July in France. All the matches of this world cup are scheduled in the nine cities of France.

Favourite Teams Fifa Cup

An important thing about this world cup is that it is hosted by the European nation for the third time. The United States is going to enter in this contest as the defending champion. For the first time in the women’s world cup history, there will be used VAR (Video Assistant Referee) system. Total 24 teams have qualified for this tournament. These teams are selected on the basis of the FIFA ranking in March 2019.  Most competent and favourite teams of this contest are given below;

Women's World Cup 2019: Most Competent And Favourite Teams


France is the hosting team of this tournament. France is considered as one of the most competent and favourite teams of this tournament because France has won the latest women football matches. The head coach of France’s team is Corinne. France has finalized 23 players final squad for the world cup on 2 May 2019. France is included in group A. Other teams in this group are South Korea, Norway and Nigeria. France will play his first match with South Korea on Friday.

Team USA

The USA is the defending champion of this event and this team has also won three such contests. That’s why it is also considered as the most favourite team because the USA team will try his best to win the fourth women world cup. The key players of this team are Alex Morgan and Carli Lloyd. These two players are at the number one and two positions in the FIFA’s ranking. Their passion and aggression are the key components that make the USA’s team the most favourite team in the world. USA is included in group F. Other teams in this group are Thailand, Chile and Sweden.

Women's World Cup Top Stories


Last time, Germany has played a semi-final. David Sumpter is a powerful Soccerbot model and he has predicted that Germany is my favourite team in this world cup. The Soccerbot takes a deep analysis of all the current matches and they get an idea about the performances of all the teams. On the basis of this analysis and performance, they predict the results of all the upcoming matches. On the basis of their analysis, Germany is also considered as one of the most favourite teams in the world cup.


England was also eliminated from the previous world cup contest in the semi-final along with Germany. According to Soccerbot, England is also one of the most competitive teams in this world cup. In the FIFA ranking, the England team is in the third position. Therefore, it is also in the best position to win the FIFA world cup contest. Karen Carney is the key player from the England side. She has started her career 14 years ago and she has also enough experience to play big matches like world cup contests. She has played almost 32 games in such contests. Therefore, she can lead her team in an effective way.


Brazilian women football is also one of the most competitive teams in this women world cup 2019 because this team is famous due to its young and talented squad. This young squad of the Brazilian team is much inspired by the Marta. Marta is the only football player who has done 15 goals in the history of the women world cup. Once, the Brazilian team was runner up team of the women world cup. Nowadays, this team is entering into the world cup with heavy hearts because this team has lost consecutive ten games. That’s why The Brazilian team is also pushed at the 10th position in the ranking.


If we take an overview of the past three world cup contests, we come to know that the Australian team had qualified for the quarter-finals in the last three world cup contests. The main strength of this team is their captain Sam Kerr. She is a striker player and she is at the highest position in the FIFA ranking. In the American NWSL and Australian Women League, she is the top goalscorer.  The youngest player of this world cup Marry Fowler is also included in the Australian squad. She is just 16 years old.


Four years ago, in Canada, Cameron was the only African team which was knocked out but now, in France, there is a hope that this team will perform well and this team is also included into the most competent teams. They have a tremendous record in the major contests. In the last 14 major contests of the world cup, this team has lost only two contests. This team is also entering into the world cup 2019 with an interesting nickname Indomitable Lionesses.


In 2015, the women world cup was held in Canada. At their home grounds, the Canadian team was performed well and this team played quarter-final. In the last year, this team has also won the Bronze medal. The Canadian team is also entering into the world cup with new enthusiasm because this team has won nine consecutive matches just before the world cup. The main strength of this team is their captain Christine Sinclair. She is going to become the top goal scorer in the history of football because she is just four goals away from this tremendous record. She has done 181 goals. Sinclair has also lots of experience because she has received almost 282 caps.

Along with these teams, there are also some other teams that can create history in this world cup. Chile can also make upset in this world cup. This team has the tallest player in the world cup 2019. China has hosted the world cup contests for the two times and in 1999, this team had lost final. Wang Shuang is the main strength of this team. Due to her skills, Wang is also given a nickname of ‘Lady Messi’. Italy and Jamaica are also included in the world cup 2019 but there are not enough expectations from these two teams.

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