‘Genetic Advantage’ And Global Fitness Trend

It is a fact that due to genetic advantage, some people are inclined to stay more fit and slim than other people. Its reason is that they are more disciplined to say ‘No’ to extra food. On the other hand, the heavier people have such genes that allow them to increase their body weight. In order to get an idea about this fact, Cambridge University has conducted research on almost 2,000 people. The BMI of these 2,000 people was less than 18. They concluded the results of their research that more than 74% of people have such genes that are helpful for them to stay fit and slim.
In a similar way, they have also conducted research about overweighed people. The results of this research were that most of the people are overweighed due to their genetic history. They also concluded that if a person is consuming lots of calories in his food and he is not taking exercise at all, he will also gain weight. In the end, they have also concluded that if they are able to find the genes of the people who have slim and fit genetic history, it is possible for them to bring advancements in the field of weight loss. Its reason is that they will be able to provide such genetic advantage that he was not given during his birth.

Global fitness trends

Nowadays, it is the desire of almost all the people that they should live a healthy life and without a slim and fit body, it is difficult for a person to leave a healthy life. That’s why lots of fitness trends are available all around the world. Some global fitness trends are explained below;

1) Wearable technology

Nowadays, we are using lots of technologies to monitor our fitness. In these technologies, there come smartwatches and fitness trackers, etc. According to the report of ACSM, these wearable technologies are at the number three fitness trends all around the world.

2) Group training

According to ACSM, most of the people are also interested in group training in different kinds of workouts. In this group training, more than five participants take part. Lots of online group training for fitness are also very popular among people. In the ACSM’s ranking, group training is at the 20th position for the fitness point of view.

3) Fitness programs for older adults

According to the report of ACSM, fitness training is necessary not only for the baby boomers but also for aged persons. Its reason is that for aged persons, fitness training is helpful to maintain their bone density and muscle mass. For older adults, these fitness programs are also helpful to keep them active.

4) Bodyweight training

From the fitness point of view, such bodyweight programs are also helpful to you that is convenient for you. In other words, you can do workouts at any time and at any place. These bodyweight programs are also helpful to you to get you sweating. In these bodyweight programs, there come push-ups and planks. These bodyweight training programs are also in trend in 2019.

5) Yoga

Yoga is an ancient fitness practice and it is in the global fitness trend from many years. There are various forms of Yoga like Power Yoga and goat Yoga etc. According to ACSM report, some other forms of Yoga are also expected in the future.

6) Functional fitness training

It is one of the most important forms of fitness. Functional fitness training is helpful for a person to keep himself fit. It is also helpful for a person to improve his strength and balance while performing different functions in daily life.


Genes play an important role in keeping a person slim and fit. According to research, more than 74% of people have a genetic advantage to keep themselves fit and slim. On the other hand, if a person is consuming lots of calories and he is not taking any kind of exercise, he will gain weight. That’s why we can see lots of fitness trends all around the world. In these fitness trends, there comes wearable technology, group training, fitness programs for adults, bodyweight training, Yoga and functional fitness training.

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