5 Top Books That Can Be Helpful in Your Micro Economics Studies

Microeconomics is a branch of economics that deals with the study of individuals and firms in making decisions regarding scare resources. The possible interactions among individuals and firms also come into microeconomics. Microeconomics is totally different from macroeconomics. There are some economic policies in each firm. In microeconomics, we also study the effects of these policies for the success of a firm. If a student is studying this particular subject of economics, he has to read lots of books. Some essential and top books written by the writers of buy dissertation online, that are helpful in microeconomics studies are given below;

1 Principles of Economics, 7th edition

This book is also known as Mankiw’s principles of economics because it was written by N. Gregory Mankiw. This is also the most usually used textbook in the class. As an economics student, it is necessary for you to grab this book as your textbook. This is the best book to understand the fundamentals of microeconomics. The writer has used plain language to write this book. Due to this plain language of book, a layman can also understand the fundamentals of microeconomics.

2 Microeconomics, Principles, Problems & Policies

This is one of the most important books from the McGraw’s Hill Series in Economics. The writers of this book are Campbell McConnell, Stanely Brue and Sean Flynn. This book is divided into 20 chapters. The most important chapter of this book is ‘Behavioral Economics’. After reading this essential chapter of this book, it is possible for the students to think about economics from a totally different angle. This book is not only helpful for students but it is equally helpful for teachers too. After reading this book, teachers will be able to instruct their students in an arguable way.

3 Microeconomics

The writers of this book are Paul Krugman and Robin Wells. This is the best book to read microeconomics in a systematic way. Most of the students have positive reviews about this book. They have said that after reading this essential book, it is possible for them to get A+ grade in microeconomics. In other words, we can say that fun-learning is the most important ingredient of this book.

4 Microeconomics: Theory and Applications with Calculus (4th edition)

This is the most important book in the Pearson Series in Economics. The writer of this book is Jeffrey M. Perloff. This is the best book to learn the fundamentals of the book along with practical examples. This book is not for beginners because, in order to understand this book, it is necessary for the students that they should have enough idea about the fundamental principles of economics.

5 Principles of microeconomics (12th edition)

The writers of this book are Karl E. Case, Ray C. Fair and Sharon E. Oster. This is also an essential book for those students who want to learn the basic principles of microeconomics. There are mixed reviews about this book. Most of the students like this book but experts of microeconomics have reviewed that this book is not for experts. In other words, we can say that this book is only for students and not for those people who want to teach or instruct microeconomics.

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