Uber Flying Cars Project - Expectations and Reality

Uber Flying Cars Project
A personal air vehicle which provides door-to-door services is known as a flying car. Sometimes, these flying cars are also known as hover cars. In the twenty-first century, lots of prototypes are made regarding the flying cars but these prototypes are still not reached to the production status. Moreover, flying cars are also known as the most important theme in science fiction stories. Nowadays, lots of big names in electronics like Uber and Hyundai have also decided to provide the best transportation services to the people in the form of flying cars. The main points of their project are given below by a dissertation help firm;
  • Uber has started this project in 2016. With the help of this project, they have decided to link the urban centres and suburbs of these urban centres with the help of flying cars.
  • They have also decided to decrease the rush of traffic on the roads. That’s why it is considered that these cars will fly at an altitude of almost 1,000 to 2,000 feet above the ground.
  • Uber has also decided to run these cars on the electrical power and these electrical powered flying cars will be able to move with the speed of almost 180 mph.
  • People will be able to make trips of almost 60 miles on these cars. These cars also have the facility to carry up to four passengers. More than four passengers will not be allowed in these cars. 

It is expected that Uber will provide the most affordable automobile solutions for the people in the form of flying cars. For this reason, they have also shown their project in a show in Los Vegas during the first week of January 2020. In this show, they have shown how these cars will be able to fly at a speed of 180 mph and how these cars will be able to carry four passengers. Moreover, they have also shown that these cars will be able to make successful trips for the people up to 60 miles.

Along with flying cars, Uber is also working on other projects. In these projects, they are trying to prepare the traditional aerospace patterns. Eric Allison is the head of Uber Elevate. In an interview, he has given a statement that Hyundai is their first partner in the project of flying cars. With the help of Hyundai, they will be able to flourish this project all around the world. According to Eric Allison, they have the ability to prepare these cars at a very fast rate with the help of Hyundai and their main goal is to provide the best quality air services to the passengers. With the help of the air services of the Uber flying cars, the passengers will also be able to reduce the costs of their journeys. In the future, people will also consider that journey through these flying cars is more reliable and comfortable than other vehicles.

First of all, they have unveiled this project in 2016 and it is expected that this project of flying cars will be completed in 2023. It means that in 2023, the main source of transportation will be flying cars rather than other transportation means. The speed of these cars will also be impressive. It means that if you want to cover a distance of 50 miles with the help of these flying cars, it will take just 15 minutes. On the other hand, if you are making this trip by car in the rush area, it will take up to 2 hours to reach your destination. Therefore, we can also say that the project of flying cars is also helpful for us in saving our valuable time.

It is also expected that Uber will make demonstration flight of these flying cars this year. Anyhow, these cars will be available for the ride in 2023. First of all, their operations will be set in Dallas and Los Angeles and after that their operations will be flourished in all around the world. For this reason, Hyundai has also given their statement. According to this statement, they have said that after the success of this project, they will also be able to create their name in the smart mobility solution provider. According to Uber, after the completion and successful implementation of their project, the world will see that the concept of transportation will be completely changed from roads to air. It is also expected that these services will be available to a huge amount of customers.

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